The Pip Berry Tree

The Pip Berry Tree


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making a Levijane Doll

I promised myself that this month I would make two new Levijane dolls, and so far, I am on my way to fulfilling that promise. Last week I cut the fabric pieces, and then earlier this week I soaked the muslin in coffee until it was stained the way I like it. My only problem with that step is the fact that I love coffee, and as soon as I smell it I want to drink it, but too much coffee makes me a bit cranky so....have to keep it to 16 0z. a day. :)

Once the fabric dried I ironed it and then began sewing the pieces together. Then last night, as I watched American Idol...bye Lacy :( , I stuffed one of the dolls. That's when I called it quits for the evening. My eye lids don't stay open past 10pm. try as I might.

So this morning after I took my son to the doctors, helped my daughter with her baby, walked the dog, all four of them...twice, and oh yea pruned one apple tree (have three more to go) I finally stuffed and sewed the other doll.

Tomorrow, barring nothing gets in my way...except maybe walking the dogs again, pruning the other three apples trees, and stacking a cord of wood behind the garage, oh yea and heading off to the store to check on my sales, then maybe I can begin to work on the hair and paint the faces.

It's the 18Th of March, so that means I have 13 days to go. I think I can! I think I can!


  1. It's so nice to meet you Dawn, I see you love animals and nature, so I will like you and enjoy your blog I know. I was brave and signed your guestbook, which I wasn't sure I could do. I am learning every day. Thanks for visiting me.

  2. Oh too much of that coffee gives me heartburn. LOL. I sure do love the smell of it though. I'm glad to see you're keeping your promise to make your dollies. Still gotta do all that other stuff though, and sounds like you're doin' a great job of it.

  3. Good Morning Peggie and Carol.
    Peggy. Yes. I am a huge fan of both nature and animals. MY family and I have a log cabin in the Northeastern part of PA, and I wouldn't change it for the world. We also have four dogs, and I consider them to be my best friends. :)
    Carol. Thank you! I hear you about coffee. I love it, but it doesn't love me back. LOL! :)
    Enjoy this beautiful day, and thank you both for visiting me. I look forward to getting to know you both in the future.
    Warm Wishes.