The Pip Berry Tree

The Pip Berry Tree


Monday, March 15, 2010

Bracing Myself For Goodbye

There are approximately 77.5 million "owned" dogs in the United States. That's a lot of dog people. I myself, own three wonderful four legged furry friends all of whom I consider my best friends. Two are German Shepherds and one is a Cockapoo, and of course they all have their own personalities, quirks, and likes and dislikes, but we all get along very well.

Levijane is my five year old, all black German Shepherd. She was a Valentine's day gift from my husband in 2004. I call her the gift that keeps on giving. LOl! Levi is a 110lb cuddle bunny. In fact, I have nicknamed her "Bunny Foo", and when I call her that in front of other that don't know her I get a strange look, because she is so fierce and scary looking and I am referring to her as "Bunny Foo". Oh well, to me she is and will always be that little ball of black fluff that I remember when I got her no matter how tough she looks.

Next up is Cinchie, my 10 year old Cockapoo that I rescued when she was 14 weeks old. She had been living in a crate most of those 14 weeks because the professional couple that bought her didn't have time for her (so why did they get her?) I don't know. Some people love the idea of a puppy until they realize that they are work and require time. It was their loss, because Cinchie is the most "do easy", funny little dog I've every had ( and I'm not a little dog person). She is actually the one who runs the show with the bigger dogs, and I love that about her.

Last but certainly not least, is my 12 year old German Shepherd, Woody. I fostered Woody in December 2007 after his owner, who had him for 10 years surrendered him to a local "high kill" dog shelter. The man was in the military and had been deployed, so to surrender his dog like that must have crushed the him. Woody was to be put to sleep within 24 hours, but it so happened someone I know was at the shelter the day Woody came in and told me about him, so Woody came to my house to stay until I found him his forever home. Two days later my home was his forever home. Woody has a very special place in my heart. He is the perfect gentlemen and German Shepherd. He has had two near brushes with death, but I was able to save him both times, however as I look at him now I realize that he is tired and the end is probably in the not to far off future. And although Woody is the dog I have spent the least years with, he is the one who stole my heart, and I will be terribly sadden when it comes time to say goodbye.

People who are not dog people don't understand the bond between dog and human. They say things like, "so what. It's just a dog." or, "So it died. Go get another one." But people who are dog people understand and cherish the bond between dog and human and know that yes, there may be another dog that will come into our life, but no dog will ever take the place of the dog you let into your heart.


  1. It is very sad to see the end coming for our beloved pets. You are doing a wonderful thing taking care of them.

  2. It sure is Rose. They love us unconditionally don't they? I always say they are angels in furry coats. :)