The Pip Berry Tree

The Pip Berry Tree


Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Best Christmas Gift of All

Christmastime is full of hustle and bustle, and excitement and joy. It's putting up the Christmas lights, decorating the tree, and hanging the stockings by the chimney with care. It's picking out that perfect gift for a loved one, wrapping it just right, and then witnessing the joy on recipient's face as they unveil their new treasure. It's selecting the best turkey or ham among the bunch, making your mother's homemade stuffing and Christmas punch, and then gathering with family and friends to celebrate the season and the birth of Jesus Christ. If we are lucky enough, these are a few things that can be anticipated, but should not be taken for granted. 

But with Christmastime comes something else, and that's Christmas miracles. For me, being involved with rescuing dogs a miracle is a notification on Christmas Eve saying that 5 dogs who desperately needed homes got their Christmas wish, and will be going to their forever homes, or at least out of the shelter and into a loving and protective foster home.

Other Christmas miracles is my son who is serving in the US Army and stationed out in Washington being able to come home for the holidays, and being able to share my Grandson's first Christmas with him. But the biggest surprise is being at a family party on Christmas Eve enjoying the company immensely like it couldn't get any better then that, but then it does. As I stand in the Kitchen of my mother and father's home catching up with a relative out of the corner of my eye I see a young man who looks very familiar, but I'm confused for a second because it's been three years since I've last seen him, and he should be stationed over at Camp Casey in South Korea. With all the giddiness of a school girl, I stop conversation in mid sentence and run over to the young man and give him a huge hug.

This young man is not my son, although I do have four of my own whom I'm very proud of. This is my fifth son, at least I would like to think so anyway. His name is Pete, and I am so proud of him too.

Pete came into my life when he was a young teenager. He was my daughter's boyfriend. Pete did not have an easy life, but there was always something so special about him. He was kind, and generous,  and full of love and acceptance. He harbored no ill will toward others that I could see, and always had a positive outlook. For a bit he was lost, but then he found purpose in the US Army, and has blossomed into a fine young man.

This year, my Christmas miracle was getting to talk with him, and embrace him for the first time in three years, and for that, along with my families health and happiness, I am forever grateful.

Merry Christmas to all! May you all be blessed with Christmas miracles!

Bryan's homecoming . Can you tell the dog is just as thrilled as we all were.

Pete. Home from South Korea

My grandson Owen.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sensational Soap Stocking Stuffers ~ My Etsy Treasury for the week

Fire, element of Passion - Cinnamon all natural handmade soap from Sacredsuds

All Natural Peppermint Goat's Milk Soap from Botanicals From Above

Bergamot Grapefruit Soap from BambuEarth

CHRISTMAS MEMORIES Handmade Soap Bar from HeartJCreations

Patchouli Lemongrass from Inner earth soaps

HOLLY BERRY Spicy Holiday Soap from Goodness Earth Essentials

Lavender Soaps from Lavender Dreams Cottage

Doggy Soap from Milk House Soap Co.

The link is above, but  to do justice to the wonderful soaps from 16 talented soap makers on Etsy I'm going to include pictures too. Too bad I can't attach the smell of each soap. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sensational Snowman Treasury on Etsy

I put together a fabulous collection of snowman treasures from some of the creative artists on the Old Farmhouse Gathering team.
Here are a few samples: