The Pip Berry Tree

The Pip Berry Tree


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Is Right Around The Corner

Spring is four days away and Easter is right around the corner. That means time for Easter egg hunts and loads of candy for the little ones in your life. Where will they put all the goodies they find that morning. Well, how about in a beautiful handcrafted basket from our friend Rose at Baskets By Rose?
Her baskets have many other purposes from Easter candy and eggs, to a holder for biscuts, chips and pretzels, to a place to store small craft items, or check out her grab and go baskets with the dividers. They are excellent for housing paper plates and napkins. What a perfect touch to a summer picnic!
Please click on her mini etsy I have one the left hand side of my blog to see all her lovely work.
Rose dyes the reeds that she uses to weave each basket by hand, so colors may vary, but the quality of her work won't!
Please stop by my friend Rose's shop and take a gander at her wonderful creations.

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