The Pip Berry Tree

The Pip Berry Tree


Sunday, April 3, 2011

New to the Shop

This week has been a crazy week. In addition to the everyday load, home schooling my son, fulfilling custom orders, fighting with the post office over why one of my items is stuck in a bulk rate mail center when it was shipped Priority Mail and is NOT bulk rate mail (jerks), I also have my "Woody's Place ~ Senior German Shepherd Sanctuary up and running and have our very first customer! (See pic below)

In my spare time (lol) I was able to kick out one new decorative slate  this week. It's my Welcome to My Pad slate. Frog lovers pay attention!!!  This slate measures 7 x 9 but of course can be done in other sizes as well. It is sealed for protection, so if it gets hung outside the paint won't fad, and can easily be turned into a lawn and garden slate holder (see my wrought iron lawn and garden slate holders, which are sold separately.

And here is the new girl, whom at 12 years old landed in a shelter for being "too much responsibility" :( She's an absolute sweetheart!!
Miss. Heidi


  1. Your frong slate is so cute!! Hope they find your package for frustrating!! Have a great day!

  2. Sorry about the typo! Should have said frog...LOL. Good grief, think I need some coffee...:)

  3. Hi Heidi. Glad you made a good landing.

  4. Thank you Jodi. The good news about last week is it's just that, and now there's a brand new week ahead. :) Package was finally found and delivered today. I just was upset because I feel like a lost package makes me look bad. Thank goodness for a tracking number. :)

    Baron. Heidi is an absolute love, so if she gets adopted out fine, but if she is here at the sanctuary for her remaining days, well then we are the lucky ones. :)

    Have a great day to all!!!