The Pip Berry Tree

The Pip Berry Tree


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tooth be known...It hurts!

Well folks I haven't really been up to posting anything for the last few days because a molar that I broke a while ago has been SCREAMING at me. :( I made an appointment for the dentist last Thursday to get it pulled, but after an exam and x ray he said I needed to go to an Oral Surgeon to be sedated in order to have it pulled. That an to be on antibiotics for at least five days prior to the extraction. UGH...

So feeling all "gloomy and doomy" I picked myself up out of his chair, dragged my butt out to my truck in the parking lot, and sat there and cried. I just wanted the darn thing gone. Good riddens! It's been nice knowin' ya!But I would have to wait. 
Needless to say, it has been a VERY long weekend. Thank god for pain meds.or I might have tied a string around the tooth and tried to extract it myself.

In two hours I have my appointment, and don't you know we are in a winter weather advisory here. The mountains can crumble down around me.....I don't care....this tooth is coming out today at 1pm. LOL! Wish me luck.


  1. Ouch Talk about bad timing. Reminds me of the time I had a root canal temporarily capped went on a canoe trip into the Canadian wilderness and it became infected. Ouch

  2. Oh that's no fun! Darn teeth. Hey I love your pictures. Looks like where I live and what do you know, I have German Shepherds too. Gotta love that breed. :)